Uhl Boot Camp

It’s been exactly one year since I launched my first boot camp on Jenny Clarinet! After the success of my Baermann Boot Camp from last October, I made my Kroepsch Boot Camp this past summer, and I even[…]

International Day of Baermann

📣Calling all clarinetists!📣 Last October, I created the Baermann Boot Camp, a practice plan which allows you to complete Carl Baermann’s eponymous scale book in one month. Clarinetists from around the world bonded over torturous[…]

The Beginner’s Guide to Orchestral Excerpts

If you’re a musician, you’ve probably crossed paths with a few orchestral excerpts throughout the years. For such short snippets of symphonic literature, you’d think excerpts would be more manageable and less stressful…but unfortunately, that’s[…]

Moving to Montréal!

It’s crazy how seemingly innocuous decisions can impact your life. Take, for example, my decision to play the clarinet. I was a shy, bookish 10-year-old when I started band. I thought it would be a[…]