Couch to Cavallini Practice Plan

Has it been a while since you’ve played clarinet? Perhaps you decided to take an extended break. Or your job/family/kids took precedence over your clarinet. Maybe you haven’t played clarinet since the last century –[…]

New Year’s Resolutions for Musicians

I love hitting the refresh button every year on December 31st. There’s something invigorating about starting fresh on January 1, with a newfound reserve of motivation and determination. Longtime Jenny Clarinet readers know that I[…]

♪ 12 Days of Scalemas ♪

‘Tis the season – for scales! The concept is simple: much like the annoyingly catchy holiday song, you’ll be given a new item (in this case, scale) each day. By the end of the 12[…]

13 Recordings Every Clarinetist Should Hear

There are thousands of amazing recordings by talented clarinetists from around the world, and I’ve chosen some of my favorites for the following list. I’ve chosen these recordings based on their historical significance and prominence[…]

Baermann Boot Camp

I love practicing scales, but I have a confession… I’ve never made it through the entire Baermann scale book (Division 3, Op. 63). I’ll pick bits and pieces to practice occasionally, but I have never[…]