Canadian Clarinet Compositions

Happy Canada Day! I’ve enjoyed my first year in this beautiful country as I complete my doctorate in Montreal. I’d like to celebrate this national holiday with a list of some works for clarinet by[…]

The Musician’s Guide to Studying Abroad: How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Many musicians dream of one day studying abroad – to study with a certain teacher, experience different pedagogy, become fluent in another language, learn more about another culture, or just broaden their musical perspectives. But[…]

The 7 Most Controversial Clarinet Topics

Etiquette dictates that one should never discuss politics, religion, or money in polite company. For clarinetists, there are a few more topics that are sure to spark heated debate. If you’ve ever visited a clarinet[…]

7 Ways to Continue Improving Musically During Summer Vacation

Hurrah! You’re nearly done with another year of school, and the freedom of summer is so tantalizingly close! Summer vacation is a time for rest, relaxation, and recharging – but not relearning everything you worked[…]