Which Historical Clarinetist Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which historical clarinetist you are!

Note: This quiz was created for entertainment purposes only. While I based the answers and results on descriptions of clarinetists from scholarly sources, this quiz is not intended to be historically accurate.

What is your typical warm up routine?

Which of the following do you like performing the most?

Which word describes you best?

When you're not playing clarinet, what do you like to do?

At a party, you can find me...

Which Hogwarts house would you belong to?

How would you describe your clarinet playing?

Where would you like to travel?

Who's your favorite composer?

Which Historical Clarinetist Are You?
Bernhard Crusell

Like Crusell, you are a classic overachiever. When you're not busy learning another language or working on your autobiography, you spend your time composing beloved clarinet music or traveling to study with other famous clarinetists. You are a highly skilled clarinetist and are not afraid to experiment with new equipment to keep up with the times. Your performances may take you around the world, but you are fiercely loyal and will always return to your roots.
Aage Oxenvad

You have an emotional spectrum running the entire gamut from ecstasy to despair. Like Oxenvad, you have been known to be impetuous and a bit spontaneous. Because of your wide range of emotions, you can easily switch between musical characters or styles. When you are playing, you play every note as if it is your last. Although you like the rush of city life, you prefer living in the suburbs. Despite your erratic temper, you are cherished among your colleagues for your musical talent.
Richard Mühlfeld

Your quiet kindness and loyalty are an inspiration for everyone you meet. Always the consummate professional, you are well prepared and respected among your colleagues. Although you are well-liked by most people you meet, you prefer having a few cherished lifelong friends instead of several distant acquaintances. Your warm personality shines in your clarinet playing, and you are known for your cantabile phrases and impeccably smooth legato.
Mr. Charles

Like Mr. Charles, you are quite the enigmatic character. You let your clarinet playing speak for itself, and you prefer to maintain an air of mystery around your personal life. You are a multi-talented musician and often perform concerts on the chalumeau and French horn. To further elude others, you like to travel and perform, never staying too long in any one place. Despite your peculiarities, you are a musical pioneer and enjoy paving the path for other musicians to follow.

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  • Dan

    I should read the biographies of those cool people for sure.

    I have to admit that long tones is not my favorite warm up routine. It’s the one I use all the time because it works, but I’m not very fond of doing it. Hearing a perfect (ahem) perfect fifth does feel good, but that’s about it.

    • jennymaclay

      I love long tones! Maybe try some different long tone exercises and see if you find something a bit more palatable?

      • Dan

        Well, I’m not complaining. It’s usually just one part of my warm up anyway, the one I find the most effective thing to do at the start of a practice session, or whenever I feel that my tuning is off. Most often I do it in fifths (E3 B3 E4 … B3 E3).