How to rock your virtual audition

Another audition season is upon us, and this one will probably look a lot different than many of the previous auditions you’ve taken!

Even if you know your way around Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and the multitude of other essential platforms this past year, a virtual audition is a lot more pressure than your average class or meeting, which is why I’m here to help!

I’ve performed and adjudicated several virtual auditions and interviews, and here are my top tips so you can focus on the music and rock your audition:

  • Make sure you have the tech info. There are few things worse than frantically digging through your inbox before an audition to try and find the meeting link and passcode. The day before your audition, make sure you’ve flagged the email containing all relevant information you’ll need to avoid any last-minute scrambling.
  • Check your settings. Make sure you are using optimal sound, lighting, and any other settings before your audition. Make sure your device is paired with any mics, webcams, headphones, audio interfaces, or any other equipment you plan on using during the audition. (This is also a great time to get rid of any virtual backgrounds you might have been using while hanging out with friends.)
  • Do a test run. Most video platforms allow you to do test runs to check the settings, so use this as an opportunity to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Set up the “stage.” While you’re doing a test run, look at the background the judges will be seeing during your audition. Tidy up your space so the panel can focus on you and not on the messy background.
  • Dress for success. Fight the urge to pair your professional top with your coziest loungewear! During virtual auditions, you might be both sitting and standing, and you don’t want the judges to see your cartoon print pajama bottoms while you’re performing.
  • Review your profile. Make sure you’re using a professional screenname, profile picture, and bio/about me. Also, if the audition panel will be logging on to your virtual meeting, make sure you have a professional password (and don’t forget to send them the password and any other relevant information).
  • Let your friends and family know when you’ll be auditioning. Alert everyone in your apartment/house/room know when and where you’ll be auditioning to avoid any unwanted interruptions. (Pro tip: If you have any pets, make sure they’re somewhere where they won’t try and steal the show.)
  • Put your devices on silent. Whether you’re performing IRL or virtually, there always seems to be some kind of cell phone interruption – that will probably never change!

Bonus: If you want to improve your audio quality, buy or borrow a high-quality microphone. There are so many affordable options out there, and it can make a big difference in the long run. If you’re not looking to buy, see if anyone in your studio will lend you theirs (making sure to practice safety guidelines and social distancing, obviously).

Best of luck during your next virtual audition!

P.S. If you’re doing any live auditions, be sure to check out my audition prep and packing lists.

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