Can you survive the haunted clarinet house of horrors?

First things first - what are you doing at this haunted clarinet house of horrors?

After knocking on the door, you hear an ear-splitting squeak. What do you do?

It looks like nobody is home, but you keep hearing the opening to Mendelssohn's Scherzo from far away. What do you do?

The music gets louder as you continue exploring the house. You open a dusty door to find the ghost of Anton Stadler! What do you say?

Stadler doesn't answer, but he beckons you to follow him up a suspicious looking flight of stairs. Do you go with him?

The ghost of Stadler suddenly dissipates into thin air, leaving you alone again in this spooky house. Where do you go next?

After reaching your next destination, you stumble across an old book. The cover is quite faded, but you can faintly make out the words "The Secret Guide to the Clarinet." Do you open it?

A loud noise startles you. A giant reed has appeared and threatens to curse you with eternal squeaking unless you say the magic words. How do you respond?

You don't want to stick around to find out what the giant reed does, so you start running towards the front door. Just as it comes into view, a giant screen blocks it. No matter how much you struggle to get past, it doesn't budge. What do you do?

Can you survive the haunted clarinet house of horrors?

Congratulations! You survived the haunted clarinet house of horrors! Time to celebrate with a new box of reeds!

Oh no! You didn't survive the haunted clarinet house of horrors! Back to the practice room for you!

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