• Back-to-School Goal-Getter Worksheet

    FREE DOWNLOAD! Perfect for teachers and students Crush your goals this school year with my free Back-to-School Goal-Getter Worksheet! This 2-page download includes a goals worksheet to list your goals, as well as a Goal-Getter action to help you strategize to achieve all your goals.

  • 2022 Goal-Setting Worksheet for Musicians

    FREE download! Make 2022 your best yet with my free goal-setting worksheet for musicians! This 5-page downloadable/printable PDF includes goal-setting prompts such as major goals, strengths & weaknesses, performance goals, educational goals, and focusing on future goals. Each section includes space to write your thoughts and strategies to achieve each goal.

  • Scale-A-Day Calendar 2022

    Make 2022 the year of scales! My Scale-A-Day Calendar features a year full of short, daily scale exercises. This 61-page downloadable/printable PDF features a major and minor key signature, with one scale, mode, chord, or pattern to practice each day. Range: low E to altissimo G Level: Intermediate to advanced Great for teachers and students to use to improve scale technique during daily practice routines! Here is the outline of scales for each month: Major two-octave scale Major arpeggio Major scale in triplet pattern Major scale in thirds Major scale increasing intervals Major scale in chromatic Fully diminished 7th chord Half-diminished 7th chord Dorian mode Phrygian mode Lydian mode Mixolydian…

  • Clarinet Transposition Chart

    FREE download! This one-page downloadable/printable PDF includes transposition in the following keys: C, Bb, Eb, A, and F. Easily transpose between different auxiliary clarinets!