I Love Fundamentals – Bundle Pack

Focus on fundamentals with my I Love Fundamentals Bundle Pack!

Fundamentals form the foundation of clarinet playing, which is why I’ve combined several of my methods and clarinet exercises into this Fundamentals Bundle Pack!

The Jenny Clarinet Fundamental Bundle Pack includes all exercises from my I Love Scales, I Love Articulation, and I Love Long Tones Bundle Packs. (This bundle pack costs 30% less than buying each bundle pack individually)


  • Level 1: one-octave scale in all major key signatures with basic exercises
  • Level 2: two-octave scales in all major key signatures with basic exercises
  • Level 3: two-octave minor scales in all forms in all key signatures
  • Level 4: 3rd octave and extended range scales and technique-building patterns
  • Level 5: full-range chromatic scale with exercises focused on each register
  • Level 6: interval training (extended range) in all major and minor key signatures
  • Level 7: diminished (fully and half) and augmented patterns
  • Level 8: whole tone scales, octatonic scales, major & minor pentatonic scales, minor blues scales

Long Tones