Jenny Clarinet Academy – Sculpt Your Sound

New course offering!

Play with confidence as you sculpt your best clarinet sound during this two-week course!

During the course of two interactive Zoom workshops, we will review the fundamentals of producing your best sound, such as embouchure, breath support, tension, posture, and other factors which affect your sound. You will also receive my 14-day long tone challenge and guide to producing your best sound, and this will include long tone and other specially designed exercises to help sculpt your sound.

Course includes:

  • Access to two interactive Zoom workshops, 60 minutes each (I will record these workshops and email to all enrolled students.)
  • Sculpt Your Sound downloadable guide, which includes tips for building your best sound
  • My new 14-day long tone challenge, which includes specific goals to focus on each day
  • Long tone and sound-sculpting exercises


  • Saturday, May 29, 2021 at 2:30-3:30pm EST
  • Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 2:30-3:30pm EST

Please note: When you purchase this course, you will receive an email confirmation. I will send out the Zoom information and all other course material before the first Zoom meeting. If you are unable to attend the live Zoom workshops, these will be recorded and emailed to you.