Clarinet & Theremin

Reinhold Glière Concerto for Coloratura Soprano, arranged for theremin, clarinet, and piano – recorded in Montréal, August 2019
Vaughan Williams Vocalise No. 1 arranged for theremin and clarinet – lockdown collaboration with Charlie Draper, May 2020


Rheinberger Clarinet Sonata – live performance in Montréal, April 2019
Peter Hope Clarinet Sonata – live performance in Brandon, Manitoba, March 2020
Poor Little Buddha’s Gate by Meyer Kupferman – performed off original manuscript in Montréal, December 2019
This piece was written for and dedicated to me by Zachary Neece. It was premiered in
Montréal in December 2019.
Alegre Marie world premiere – live performance – Paris, March 2017

Chamber Music

Au rythme des souvenirs by Ghidoni for soprano, clarinet, and piano – live performance in Paris, March 2017
Béla Bartók Contrasts – live performance by the Trio Montsouris, June 2017
Schumann Fairy Tales, Op. 132 – live performance in Paris, May 2016
Views of the Blues – live performance in Paris, March 2016