Jenny Clarinet Academy

The Jenny Clarinet Academy is a comprehensive online clarinet curriculum created to help improve your knowledge of the clarinet and its performance fundamentals, history, pedagogy, repertoire, and a variety of other subjects.

All courses will take place on Zoom and will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend the live lectures.

Here are the courses available from August through December 2020. You can click on any course you are interested in taking to find out more details and registration information:

  • Clarinet History 101. This is a general overview of clarinet history, from its development to the present day. Each module includes discussion questions, recommended listening, and unit quizzes.
  • Beginning clarinet. This course is intended for anyone who is just beginning their clarinet journey. We will discuss the fundamentals of clarinetistry and help you develop the skills necessary to play your favorite songs and more.
  • Intermediate clarinet. Develop and improve your clarinet fundamentals so you can begin to play more difficult music with confidence.
  • Advanced clarinet. Take your clarinet playing to the next level as we build upon standard clarinet fundamentals to help you prepare for public performances, auditions, and more.

The Jenny Clarinet Academy will offer a rotating selection of courses each semester, and I will be adding to the online curriculum throughout the year.

Seats are limited in each course, so be sure to sign up today to enroll!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to welcoming you in the Jenny Clarinet Academy!