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I have been offering online lessons since 2013 to students from around the world. I teach all ages and ability levels, and my schedule is flexible so you can learn clarinet from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

If you’d like to schedule a lesson, you can email me at or contact me here.

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The Jenny Clarinet teaching philosophy:

I encourage my students in a collaborative environment where they are free to create, experiment, and grow as musicians. The primary objectives for each student are to gain insight and knowledge in music and develop skills on the clarinet. There is no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach in teaching, and I build individualized lesson plans to help each student achieve their unique goals. Specific milestones and goals will be discussed individually and monitored regularly to assess progress. I work together with each student to choose studies and repertoire based on individual strengths and weaknesses and encourage each student to embrace their individuality through art and music. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to help students achieve their goals, whether that is following a path as a performing musician, instructor, or simply developing their passion for music and the clarinet.

Lesson Bundles

Looking for lessons without a long-term commitment?

I get it – sometimes you just need another set of ears or some fresh feedback to help you prepare for the important musical events in your life! I’m happy to offer short-term lesson bundles to help you prepare.

  • All State Prep. Ace your All State or honor band audition with four 60-minute lessons for only $150 (USD)! Each lesson will include audition advice, musical feedback, intensive scale and fundamental studies, and a mock audition complete with comprehensive feedback.
  • Recital Ready. Have an important recital or performance coming up? I’m happy to help you sound your best! Before the first lesson, you must send me your repertoire and program information. Each lesson will include an in-depth focus on phrasing, stage presence, and preparation tips to help you shine on stage! The Recital Ready bundle includes four 60-minute lessons for $150 (USD).
  • Excerpt Advancement. Excerpts got you down? I’m here to help! Whether you’re on the audition circuit or trying to get into summer festivals, I can help you polish and perfect clarinet orchestral excerpts with intensive lessons to help you improve technique, accuracy, precision, and musical expression. The Excerpt Advancement lesson bundle is four 60-minute lessons for $150 (USD), which includes two mock auditions complete with comprehensive feedback.
  • Practice Audits. Have you reached a practice plateau? Do you want to revamp your practice routine? I can help you create a detailed practice plan to get you back on track to reach your musical goals. After hearing a description of your current practice routine, I will curate a list of recommended books and repertoire, along with practical suggestions to help you incorporate these into your routine. Each 30-minute consultation costs $25 (USD) and includes a written follow-up with all suggestions.

Testimonials from students:

“Jenny’s passion and enthusiasm for the clarinet are contagious and beautiful. These are just two reasons she is a great clarinet teacher. Jenny not only teaches you how to play the clarinet, she also teaches you how to be a musician. Oh, critical point, I’ve been playing the clarinet for a touch under two years — and I’m 66 years old. Yes, I picked up the clarinet at 64, having never played an instrument before. And now I play songs. I have no doubt that Jenny is great with kids, but even if you’re an adult, Jenny will help you accomplish your clarinet goals. In fact, Artie Shaw’s ghost once came to me and said he was impressed with her talents as a clarinet player and a teacher. Jenny is smart, dedicated, talented, and charming. I look forward to our weekly zoom lessons. If you want to play the clarinet … you want to learn from Jenny.”

– Rick B.

“Skype lessons with Jenny have been a pleasure and a major contributor to my musical growth. Having Jenny as a private teacher gives me the one-on-one attention I need and the clarinet specific information that has opened up several opportunities and experiences I couldn’t have gotten on my own.”

– Julia L.
1st chair, Florida All State Band
All-National Honor Band, Florida
Clarinet performance major

“Jenny is a dream teacher. I first heard about her from my high school band director when I was looking for an instructor to help me improve my music abilities. She had helped me improve from the very first lesson with her. I was sad when she was moving away because I had improved so much with her. Jenny suggested that we try Skype lessons, and I wasn’t really sure how well those would work, but I wanted to to keep taking lessons from her so I gave it a shot. It was well worth it! I was able to keep taking lessons with Jenny, and I could have them at home while she is away. She is full of valuable knowledge! I highly recommend Skype lessons with her!”

– Andreanna T.
1st chair Alabama All State Band

“Skype lessons are great for teacher to student instruction. It has always been simple to use and allows for flexibility in scheduling. Also, Skype lessons do not hinder the student’s ability to comprehend or learn any material–the teacher is still there giving the same instructions as they would in person. I would highly recommend this platform for lessons with Jenny Maclay. It is very effective and will not stop anyone from achieving great things.”

– Lauren R.
1st chair Alabama All State Band
Music education major