Boot Camps

Since 2017, I’ve created several different Boot Camps, which are intensive practice plans developed to help clarinetists complete standard works of clarinet repertoire and study materials within a set number of days. Each Boot Camp was launched with social media event pages to offer accountability, motivation, and encouragement during the initial Boot Camp dates, although you may complete all of my Boot Camps at your own pace.

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Here is a list of all of my free Boot Camps (listed in reverse chronological order) along with a few FAQs to help you get started!

Back to Basics Boot Camp

Jettel Boot Camp

Uhl Boot Camp

Kroepsch Boot Camp

Couch to Cavallini Practice Plan

Baermann Boot Camp (revised)

Baermann Boot Camp (original)

Boot Camp FAQ

  • What are these Boot Camps? The Jenny Clarinet Boot Camps are practice plans which break down musical material in standard clarinet repertoire into daily practice assignments to help musicians complete each work in a certain amount of time (typically one month).
  • Why did you create these Boot Camps? I’ve always loved practicing scale and technique books, but I realized that I would mostly focus on the easier exercises and neglect trickier portions of the book. In October 2017, I set a goal for myself to work through the entire Baermann clarinet scales book in 31 days, and I shared my practice plan (aka Boot Camp) on my blog and encouraged my clarinet friends to join the challenge. It was so popular that I began creating more Boot Camps for both myself and clarinetists around the world.
  • I didn’t do the Boot Camp when it was launched – can I complete it now? Yes! All of my Boot Camps can be completed at any given time, however the dates will be different than those listed on the Boot Camp calendars.
  • Do these Boot Camps include the music? Due to copyright laws, my Boot Camps do not include the sheet music necessary to complete the program. You must purchase the required music separately.
  • I’m not sure I can complete the Boot Camp in the allotted time – can I still participate? Absolutely. There’s a reason I call these Boot Camps – they’re meant to be challenging! However, I’ve purposely created these so you can shorten or extend the practice plans and work at your own pace. So, if a Boot Camp is meant to be completed in 30 days, you can modify it to 15, 45, 60, or however many days you feel necessary to complete the program.
  • When will the next Boot Camp be? I do a few Boot Camps each year, so make sure you follow me on social media and check my blog regularly to stay updated on upcoming Boot Camps and other events.
  • I have an idea for a future Boot Camp – how can I suggest it? I always enjoy hearing from other musicians, and you can contact me or send me a message on social media to tell me about any ideas you have (I always credit people for their ideas in the posts).

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