Kroepsch Boot Camp

After the success of my Baermann Boot Camp from last October, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do another boot camp. After all, scales and technical studies are much more palatable when you suffer practice together, right?

For this boot camp, I’ve chosen the Kroepsch 416 Progressive Daily Studies for the Clarinet, which are one of my ride or die clarinet studies. And a lot of you agreed – the Facebook poll I created on Jenny Clarinet resulted in an overwhelming majority of Kropesch fans (sorry Jettel, you’ll have to wait your turn!).

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce the Kroepsch Boot Camp, a practice routine designed to complete the entire Kroepsch 416 Studies in one month!

If you’re up for the challenge, here is the calendar and guidelines:

Kroepsch Boot Camp Calendar & Guide

The Kroepsch Boot Camp officially starts on June 1, so make sure to order all 4 volumes of the Kroepsch if you don’t own them already. If you follow my routine, you will have practiced all 416 (!!!) Kroepsch studies in 30 days!

Although this may look like quite a lot to practice each day, it’s only about 20-45  minutes. Like any boot camp, some days are more difficult and may take longer (I’m looking at you d# minor!). Be patient and take plenty of breaks!

To keep boot camp morale high, this is intended as an interactive challenge. Share with your clarinet friends and pledge to complete the boot camp together. You can even use the hashtag #AKroepschADay to connect with other clarinetists and show your progress on social media.

Make sure to like Jenny Clarinet and follow the Kroepsch Boot Camp (parts 1 and 2) event pages on Facebook, where clarinetists from around the world will be sharing advice, videos, feedback, and encouragement throughout the month!

Happy practicing!


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