Baermann Boot Camp, Round Two

A few years ago, I created my famous Baermann Boot Camp for clarinetists to complete the beloved Baermann Division III, Op. 63 scale exercises in just one month. (You can read the original post here and listen to me discuss it with Clarineat host Sean Perrin here.)

My Baermann Boot Camp was the first of many boot camps I’ve created since then (such as Kroepsch, Uhl, and my 2018 and 2019 year-long boot camps), but Baermann will always hold a special place in my heart. It seems I’m not alone, because the majority of my social media friends voted to bring back Baermann for another round this June!

Here is the Baermann boot camp calendar and guide, which I’ve updated for June 2019:

Baermann Boot Camp Calendar

Baermann Boot Camp Guide

Since June only has 30 days, you will need to add the 31st day on July 1 (or start on May 31st if you’re an early-bird like me!). The schedule is the same as the original, but I have created a new calendar to match the dates for June 2019.

Join the Baermann Boot Camp community on all social media by uploading videos, advice, feedback, and motivation. Make sure to tag me and use #jennyclarinet or #baermannbootcamp to find other boot campers from around the world!

Happy practicing!

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