Back to Basics Boot Camp

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on all of us in many different ways. One of the most common refrains I’m hearing and seeing from so many musicians is that their practicing schedules are completely out of whack.

That’s why I’ve created my Back to Basics Boot Camp.

I developed this boot camp to help clarinetists get back in the swing of things in the practice room. During this 15-day boot camp, you’ll rebuild your embouchure and physical endurance, regain technical abilities including articulation, and improve your musicality and phrasing. This boot camp is completely free, and I hope it’s the impetus many musicians need to get back in the practice room.

Here are the required books and music for the boot camp:

  • Paul Jeanjean Vade-Mecum
  • Carl Baermann Op. 63, Division III (scales)
  • Cyrille Rose 32 Études for Clarinet
  • long tone exercises of your choice

As with all of my other boot camps, you can personalize this practice plan to fit your own unique goals and schedule. You can begin this 15-day plan any time you’re ready. I have created this boot camp with intermediate to advanced clarinetists in mind, but it can be modified to help clarinetists of all ages and ability levels.

Click below to access the printable PDF of my Back to Basics Boot Camp guidelines and calendar:

Back to Basics Boot Camp

Feel to send me a message and let me know how you’re progressing throughout the boot camp. As always, happy practicing!


  • Richard Borders

    I dont see a link to the printable PDF of your Back to Basics Boot Camp guidelines and calendar:

    • jennymaclay

      Hi Richard, it’s towards the bottom of the post. Try clicking on “Back to Basics Boot Camp” – that will have the calendar and guidelines. Hope this helps!

  • Jasmin Green

    Brilliant . I need to do this !!! Loved listening to your interview with Michelle Anderson !

    • jennymaclay

      Thank you so much Jasmin! Good luck with the boot camp, and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Winnner Oluwatayo

    I’m really excited to know that a rare opportunity like Is presented right in my face thank you so much for this. I’m from Lagos, Nigeria and I really want to improve in the art of playing the clarinet. I also participated in the online masterclass presented by you and Michelle it was amazing thanks for enlightening my mind. I don’t have Paul Jeanjean Vade-Mecum and Carl Baermann Op. 63, Division III (scales) I would like to know how I can get it so I can be a part of this amazing opportunity. Thank you

    • Ismail Douiri

      Hi Oluwatayo (sorry if it is not your name!),

      You can find them as free downloads on
      Good luck!

    • jennymaclay

      Hello Winner and thank you for your message! I’m so happy that you liked my presentation, and I hope you’ll find many more useful articles on my blog. You can find the Jeanjean and Baermann books online to order, but until then, you can also practice scales (major, minor, chromatic, diminished, and any other patterns) in a slow and methodical manner to improve technique. I hope this helps, and I wish you continued happiness and success in music!

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