• Clarinet Curiosities: Unusual Systems and Inventions

    The pioneering and curious spirit of clarinetists and manufacturers has led to the development of unique and innovative instruments throughout clarinet history. Here are a few clarinet curiosities, including unusual clarinets, clarinet systems, and inventions to intrigue you: Clarinet-adjacent instruments These instruments might not technically fall under the clarinet family tree, but I wanted to share some distant cousins of the clarinet family. Here are some other websites you might find interesting to learn more about clarinet systems and inventions: I hope you enjoyed this foray into the curious world of clarinet history! What other unusual clarinets do you know? Leave a comment below!

  • Classical Music Warped Timeline: Facts that alter your perception of time

    Classical music history is typically taught separately from general history, which is why these comparisons can warp your perception of time. Here are some events from classical music history as they relate to details from general history: What other events in classical music history will warp your perception of time? Leave a comment below!