• The Prepared Clarinetist’s Packing List

    FREE DOWNLOAD! Whether you’re packing for a single performance or an entire concert tour, this packing list will help you pack with ease so you feel prepared and poised to take the stage!

  • Recital Planning Timeline & Checklist

    FREE download! This free timeline and checklist will help you plan your next recital and stay organized throughout the process! This was created for university music students preparing for their first recitals, but it’s equally helpful to any musician who wants to ensure they don’t forget any important details when preparing for their next recital!

  • Applying & Auditioning for Music Degrees Timeline

    FREE download! Perfect for anyone who wants to stay organized as they apply and audition for university. This one-page PDF includes a month-by-month visual timeline and checklist of action items to complete during the application and audition process for music degrees Want more in-depth explanations and tips to help you during the process? Check out my comprehensive blog post here.

  • Beginning Clarinet Milestones Checklist

    FREE download! Perfect for band directors, teachers, and students! There are many important milestones, fundamentals, and concepts every beginning clarinetist should know. I’ve created this checklist to help both beginning clarinetists and their teachers stay organized and make sure you’re not missing any important musical milestones. This one-page PDF infographic includes milestones for pre-playing lessons, clarinet fundamentals, clarinet milestones, and productive practicing tips.