• Scherzo Scramblers

    Mendelssohn Scherzo got you all twisted and tongue-tied? My Scherzo Scramblers can help! This 6-page printable/downloadable PDF includes 94 bite-sized passages based on Mendelssohn’s “Scherzo” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Practice these scramblers to improve your technical precision and accuracy for your next audition! (You might also like my Mendelssohn Scherzo Boot Camp, a 14-day practice plan to help you prepare this excerpt.)

  • Spooky Scale Studies for Clarinet

    Practice your minor scales in true Halloween fashion with these Spooky Scale Studies! ? This 12-page downloadable/printable PDF includes 156 scale studies. There are 13 short technical exercises for the following minor key signatures: a minor e minor d minor b minor g minor f# minor c minor c# minor f minor g# minor b-flat minor e-flat minor Make scale practice frighteningly fun with my Spooky Scale Studies! Looking for more Halloween clarinet music? Check out my 13 Boo-ets for Two Clarinets, Halloween Odyssey for clarinet quartet, and Requiem for a Reed for clarinet quartet!

  • Pinky Puzzlers

    These Pinky Puzzlers will help you familiarize yourself with the left and right pinky fingerings and train you to recognize pinky patterns in music to improve your technique. This 5-page PDF includes review of all pinky combinations (left, right, and both pinky fingers) as well as pinky combination exercises for you to write in the pinky pattern and order. Includes lower and higher notes (low E-G# and middle B-Eb). Great for students, teachers, and band directors! You should also check out my free pinky fingering chart and my complete guide to the pinky keys.

  • Crossing the Break Exercises for Clarinet

    Cross the break with confidence with these 68 exercises developed for beginning clarinet players! This 3-page downloadable and printable PDF includes 68 short exercises to help you build the technique to cross the break while maintaining a seamless connection. Great for students and teachers!