• Musical Advice in 140 Characters or Less

    With the rise of Twitter, there is a new-found expectation of delivering information in a short and concise method – a tweet.  140 characters or less, to be specific. Twitter is a great platform to edit your thoughts and present them as succinctly as possible to the public.  Although not ideal for music education, there are certain doctrines which can be conveyed in the character count of a tweet.  Here are some of mine: More air, less fingers (specific to instrumentalists) Phrase horizontally, not vertically Be present when you practice Match your tone when you tongue to your tone when you slur Always play with a beautiful sound Practice your scales!…

  • Lies My Band Director Told Me

    In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, this article is for some of the hardest-working teachers out there – music teachers! Thank you for enduring all the squeaks, scratchy bowings, loud trumpets, and forgotten mutes! “One more time!” “You would make a great bassoonist/alto clarinetist/other auxiliary instrumentalist nobody else wants to play!” “Rehearsal will only be two hours!” “Just because you’re in band doesn’t make you a band geek!” “Band camp is really fun!” “It’s not that fast!” “More piccolo!” “We won’t practice outside if it rains.” If you are a music teacher, how many of these have you said (or what other small fibs do you tell your students)?