• Better Practice Planner

    FREE download! If you’re trying to build better practice habits, my free Better Practice Planner can help! This one-page PDF includes questions to help you structure your practice routine, specify your goals, and troubleshoot problems you are experiencing in the practice room. This printable PDF includes space to write notes to help optimize your practicing.

  • Weekly Practice Habit Tracker

    FREE download! Do you want to build a better practice routine this school year? I’ve created this FREE habits tracker to help you stay organized and motivated in the practice room. This weekly habits tracker includes sections for warm-ups, repertoire, and other goals which you can customize and use to stay on track this school year and beyond.

  • 100-Day Practice Tracker

    FREE download! Want to join the #100daysofpractice challenge? I’ve created this FREE chart for you to mark off the days you practice to help you stay on track to complete this challenge and become a better musician! Tips to complete the #100daysofpractice challenge: Use markers or stickers to add a splash of color and fun to this chart. Customize the challenge for your schedule – choose whether you want to practice 100 days in a row, or if you want to achieve this goal by a certain deadline. Use my Weekly Practice Habit Tracker to make sure you’re building good habits while you practice.

  • Weekly Lesson Planner for Music Educators

    FREE download! This free printable template is perfect for music teachers and educators to organize their weekly private music lessons. Download and print this template for each student and lesson to make lesson planning this school year a breeze!