• Clarinet Repertoire Catalogue

    If you want to discover new pieces of clarinet repertoire, this catalogue is for you! This guide includes over 550 pieces of music featuring the clarinet, and it’s organized by section: unaccompanied clarinet and electronics sonata concerto incidental chamber music clarinet quintets orchestral excerpts Please note: This 21-page guide includes composer name and title of the work. It does not include sheet music or historical information.

  • Clarinet History 101

    Do you want to learn more about clarinet history? If so, this download is for you! This is a general overview of clarinet history, from its development to the present day which includes: 76-page historical overview divided into chronological modules (outlined below) general overview of clarinet history in an easy-to-understand format contains discussion questions, recommended listening, and links to additional resources for further exploration great resource to prepare for orals or comprehensive exams Here are a few reasons why clarinet history is important: it can help you develop a deeper understanding of the clarinet – where it came from and what the future might hold it can help clarinet students…

  • 100 Clarinet Quick Fixes

    If you’re looking for quick fixes to improve your clarinet playing, this PDF is for you! I share 100 of my favourite tips and tricks to help take your clarinet playing to the next level! Here are the sections in this 12-page PDF: Posture Air & breathing Hand & finger position Embouchure Articulation Reeds Clarinet care & maintenance Practicing Playing more artistically Outside the practice room Have questions? Contact me so I can help!