13 Boo-ets for Two Clarinets

These 13 Halloween themed “boo-ets” (duets) for two clarinets are frighteningly fun for both students and teachers! Each boo-et is an original composition by Jenny Clarinet to teach students about clarinet fundamentals while celebrating Halloween!

Level: beginner/lower intermediate

Duration: each duet is 1-2 minutes

Key signatures: Each duet (except for Sugar Rush) is in a minor key. Key signatures include up to three flats or sharps.

Time signatures: Includes a variety of common meters, such as 4/4; 6/8; cut time.

This 23-page PDF digital download includes the following duets for two clarinets:

  • Ballad of the Broken Reed
  • Ghoulish Grenadilla
  • Macabre Masquerade
  • Bewitching Boehm
  • Reed Graveyard Ghosts
  • Beware the Bass Clarinets! (for two bass clarinets; can be played on two Bb soprano clarinets)
  • Clarinet Crypt
  • Wicked Waltz
  • The Practice Room Phantom
  • Shivering Chalumeau
  • The Spine-Tingling Squeak
  • Halloween Hijinks
  • Sugar Rush

I hope you enjoy these spook-tacular songs!

Listen to the audio of Ballad of the Broken Reed here.

(If you’re looking for more Halloween clarinet music, you should check out my Halloween Odyssey for clarinet quartet, Requiem for a Reed for clarinet quartet, and Spooky Scale Studies for clarinet!)