2018 Jenny Clarinet Boot Camp

The 2018 Jenny Clarinet Boot Camp is a downloadable practice plan and guide created to improve clarinet fundamentals and build technique. Each month contains a different method book or solo work, which I have organized into daily assignments. Each day features specific exercises to be incorporated into your practice routine.

Even though this Boot Camp was released in 2018, you can complete this course at any time, however the dates shown will be different.

Here is the schedule:

January – Vade-Mecum de Clarinettiste
February – Klosé Scales and Exercises
March – Rose 32 Etudes
April – Kell 17 Staccato Studies
May – Kroepsch 416 Progressive Daily Studies, Vols. 1 & 2
June – Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K. 622
July – Stiévenard Practical Study of the Scales
August – Kroepsch 416 Progressive Daily Studies, Vol. 3
September – Weber Concertino, Op. 26
October – Baermann Complete Method for the Clarinet, Op. 63,  Division III
November – Kroepsch 416 Progressive Daily Studies, Vol. 4
December – 12 Excerpts of Christmas

Here is a sample boot camp. Each month includes instructions and advice for each book or piece.

Please note: The 2018 Jenny Clarinet Boot Camp does not include the music for each of these works. You must purchase this repertoire separately.

For more information on my Boot Camps including FAQ, click here.