Rep-A-Day Calendar

Make this the year of new repertoire!

My Rep-A-Day Calendar features a year full of repertoire recommendations. This 13-page downloadable/printable PDF features a theme for each month with a recommended piece to listen to every day. This calendar also includes a notes page to keep track of your favorite pieces and composers for future study or performance.

  • January – Sonatas
  • February – Concerti
  • March – Hodgepodge I
  • April – Duos
  • May – Unaccompanied
  • June – Hodgepodge II
  • July – Auxiliary Clarinets
  • August – Orchestral, Opera, Ballet
  • September – Hodgepodge III
  • October – Études, Methods & More
  • November – Trios & Quartets
  • December – Hodgepodge IV

Great for teachers and students to use to discover and learn about lesser-known repertoire!

Please note: The dates on this calendar were organized to align with 2023. You can still use this calendar for any other year, however the numbers won’t correspond to their days of the week.

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