Scale-A-Day Calendar

Make this the year of scales!

My Scale-A-Day Calendar features a year full of short, daily scale exercises. This 61-page downloadable/printable PDF features a major and minor key signature, with one scale, mode, chord, or pattern to practice each day.

  • Range: low E to altissimo G
  • Level: Intermediate to advanced

Great for teachers and students to use to improve scale technique during daily practice routines!

Please note: This download was originally entitled Scale-A-Day Calendar 2022. This calendar was created to use for any year (not specifically 2022), so if you have already purchased this under this title you do not need to purchase this again. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Here is the outline of scales for each month:

  1. Major two-octave scale
  2. Major arpeggio
  3. Major scale in triplet pattern
  4. Major scale in thirds
  5. Major scale increasing intervals
  6. Major scale in chromatic
  7. Fully diminished 7th chord
  8. Half-diminished 7th chord
  9. Dorian mode
  10. Phrygian mode
  11. Lydian mode
  12. Mixolydian mode
  13. Aeolian mode
  14. Locrian mode
  15. Natural minor scale (two octaves)
  16. Harmonic minor scale (two octaves)
  17. Harmonic minor scale increasing intervals
  18. Melodic minor scale (two octaves)
  19. Melodic minor scale increasing intervals
  20. Minor arpeggio
  21. Minor (melodic) scale in thirds
  22. Minor scale in chromatic
  23. Harmonic major scale
  24. Augmented chord
  25. Whole tone scale
  26. Major pentatonic scale
  27. Minor pentatonic scale
  28. Octatonic scale, form 1 – whole-half
  29. Octatonic scale, form 2 – half-whole
  30. Blues scale
  31. Review