• Friday Favorites: Auxiliary Clarinet Studies

    Happy Friday! We are #blessed to have so many wonderful members of the clarinet family. If you play an auxiliary clarinet (or are thinking of picking one up), here are some of my favorite studies and resources to help you: Julius Weissenborn Advanced Studies for Alto and Bass Clarinets Michael Drapkin Symphonic Repertoire for the Bass Clarinet Alamiro Giampieri Difficult Passages and Solos for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet Jacques Merrer Orchestral Excerpts for Sopranino/Piccolo E-Flat Clarinet and D Clarinet Practical Hints on Playing the Alto Clarinet (Alfred Publishing) Peter Hadcock Orchestral Studies for the Eb Clarinet Sauro Berti 20 Studies for Bass Clarinet and Basset Horn Happy practicing!