Kroepsch Boot Camp

After the success of my Baermann Boot Camp from last October, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do another boot camp. After all, scales and technical studies are much more palatable when you[…]

Clarinet Crimes You Might Be Unknowingly Committing

As the self-appointed clarinet police, it’s my job to keep the clarinet community safe from crime. Here are some crimes many clarinetists are unknowingly committing: Infractions Flipping from middle B to C. The “pinky keys”[…]

9 Ways to Become Your Band Director’s Favorite Student

Happy Teacher Appreciation week! Band directors are some of the most overworked and under-appreciated teachers out there. The ultimate Jack of all trades, band directors must know a bit about every instrument, music theory, and[…]

17 Pieces of Advice for Upcoming Music Majors

Congratulations, you’re going to be a music major!  Being a music major is a simultaneously rewarding and stressful experience. Besides having to endure the puzzled looks from your friends and the well-intentioned questions from your[…]

No More Chipped Reeds: A Beginner’s Guide to Reed Care

Congratulations! You’ve decided to play the most awesome instrument around – the clarinet (or maybe saxophone, which is nearly as cool as the clarinet)! Get ready, because you’re about to enter a lifelong love/hate relationship[…]

Famous Female Clarinetists Throughout History

In honor of National Women’s History Month, I’d like to share some truly inspirational barrier-breaking female clarinetists past and present. To all my fellow female clarinetists out there, let’s keep breaking boundaries, supporting other women,[…]