How to Get Out of a Musical Rut

It’s normal for musicians to experience the occasional dip in inspiration, creativity, or motivation. Music is an extremely competitive field which requires years of hard work, diligent practice, countless hours alone in a practice room,[…]

Clarinet Pick Up Lines

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here are some clari-nerdy pick up lines guaranteed to garner the love of that special someone! Are you the Kell 17 Staccato Studies? Because you’ve got me tongue-tied! Are you the first[…]

Musical Adventures: Day Trip to Galánta

Living in Europe the last few years has given me the incredible opportunity to travel to some pretty amazing places. Having visited 30 countries (and counting!), I’ve been able to explore bustling metropolises, rural villages,[…]

Upgrading From Plastic to Wood Clarinets: A Guide for Band Parents

Clarinet parents have to put up with a lot – unrelenting squeaks, endless requests for more reeds, and seemingly never-ending equipment upgrades. The biggest and most daunting upgrade is when and how you should switch[…]

How to Winter-Proof Your Clarinet

Blustery cold, wind-tangled hair, dry hands, chapped lips…winter isn’t for the faint of heart! If you’re dreaming of warmer days, you’re not alone – your clarinet is also eagerly awaiting the sun and humidity of[…]