13 Recordings Every Clarinetist Should Hear

There are thousands of amazing recordings by talented clarinetists from around the world, and I’ve chosen some of my favorites for the following list. I’ve chosen these recordings based on their historical significance and prominence[…]

Baermann Boot Camp

I love practicing scales, but I have a confession… I’ve never made it through the entire Baermann scale book (Division 3, Op. 63). I’ll pick bits and pieces to practice occasionally, but I have never[…]

The Musician’s Practice Quilt

If you’re a musician, you’ve undoubtedly heard the old adage “practice makes perfect” (or maybe even “perfect practice makes perfect” from your overzealous band director). Maybe you prefer the rhetorical “How do you get to[…]

Your One-Week Guide to Sounding Like You Practiced All Summer (Even When You Haven’t)

I get it. School’s out, and you just need a short break after all the stress of juries, finals, recitals, exams, etc etc. Practice breaks are healthy, right? Then one week turns into two…which turns[…]