The Complete Guide

The Beginner’s Complete Guide to the Clarinet

Photo credit: Lucie Bigo / Henri Selmer Paris

Congratulations for beginning your clarinet journey! ♫

The clarinet is by far the best instrument out there (or at least it is according to me and this small corner of the internet), and I have several resources to help you get started.

I’ve written several articles which will help guide you along as you navigate the process of learning clarinet, and I’ve organized these into a sequential step-by-step outline below.

1. First things first – do you own a clarinet? If yes, proceed to the next step. If not, here are some articles which will help you determine the best choice for you:

2. Now that you have a clarinet, make sure you know how to put it together and take care of it!

3. Here’s the fun part – playing the clarinet!

There are several fundamentals you should develop in order to make playing clarinet easier. For this, I suggest taking one-on-one private clarinet lessons. Here are some things you should know about taking clarinet lessons.

4. If you’re ready to dive into fundamentals, here are some of my complete guides to the clarinet:

I hope these articles help you navigate your way through the wonderful world of clarinet! I will keep this article updated as I created new resources.

Happy practicing!

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