Quick Fix Friday

Quick Fix Friday: Open the Case!

I see you over there, pretending like you’ve diligently practiced every day all summer, telling yourself you’ll practice…later…maybe…

There will never be a shortage of reasons not to practice, especially in the summer. (It’s too hot! I’m so tired! One more episode! I’ll do it after lunch! I forgot to order new reeds! I haven’t practiced in so long! I’ll sound terrible! I’ll do it tomorrow!)

We’ve all been guilty of this at some time or another during our musical careers. Like anything else that matters, you have to make time to practice. I get that you’re covetous of your free time in the summer, but even 30 minutes a day is better than none.

What’s the quick fix? Open the case! The hardest part about practicing is opening the case.

This is enough momentum to commit yourself to a practice session, even if it’s a short one (there’s no shame in just doing 10 minutes of long tones!). Tell yourself you can stop in 20 minutes, and chances are you’ll play even longer.

Still can’t talk yourself into practicing? Here are my suggestions for practicing without opening the case.

Happy Friday, and happy practicing!


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