Musical Advice in 140 Characters or Less

With the rise of Twitter, there is a new-found expectation of delivering information in a short and concise method – a tweet.  140 characters or less, to be specific.

Twitter is a great platform to edit your thoughts and present them as succinctly as possible to the public.  Although not ideal for music education, there are certain doctrines which can be conveyed in the character count of a tweet.  Here are some of mine:

  • More air, less fingers (specific to instrumentalists)
  • Phrase horizontally, not vertically
  • Be present when you practice
  • Match your tone when you tongue to your tone when you slur
  • Always play with a beautiful sound
  • Practice your scales!
  • Imitation is not the greatest form of flattery
  • “Practice and hope, but never hope more than you practice” (very true words by clarinetist Kalmen Opperman)
  • Good posture creates a good sound
  • Practice what scares you -that’s what needs the most work
  • Find your own musical voice
  • Have fun – if you’re not, it’s not worth it
  • Plan your breathing spots

What clarinet or musical advice do you have in 140 characters or less?  Tweet me @Jenny_Clarinet (I’m trying to become more involved with Twitter, so please be patient as I adapt!) or leave a comment down below!

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