Lies My Band Director Told Me

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, this article is for some of the hardest-working teachers out there – music teachers! Thank you for enduring all the squeaks, scratchy bowings, loud trumpets, and forgotten mutes!

  • “One more time!”
  • “You would make a great bassoonist/alto clarinetist/other auxiliary instrumentalist nobody else wants to play!”
  • “Rehearsal will only be two hours!”
  • “Just because you’re in band doesn’t make you a band geek!”
  • “Band camp is really fun!”
  • “It’s not that fast!”
  • “More piccolo!”
  • “We won’t practice outside if it rains.”

If you are a music teacher, how many of these have you said (or what other small fibs do you tell your students)?

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