A Clarinetist in Paris

The 5 Senses: Paris Edition

Even though I’ve lived in Paris for over a year, my schedule is so busy that sometimes I forget that I’m in Paris (which is easy to do when most of your time is spent in a practice room). In an effort to be more aware of my surroundings, I’ve collected some of my favorite Paris sensations:

Sights: the sparkling Eiffel Tower at night; the font of the metro signs throughout the city; the rolling hills of Montmartre; the view of Paris from the Sacre Coeur or the gazebo at the top of Parc des Buttes-Chaumont; the pastel houses on Rue Cremieux

Smells: freshly baked baguettes and other delicious treats wafting from boulangeries; the unusual mixture of coffee and wine at brasseries; Chanel perfume applied in generous quantities (another smell I’m not so fond of but is synonymous with Paris in my mind? cigarette smoke)

Sounds: metro musicians; muffled conversations at cafes; the subdued silence of cemeteries; the annoying yet catchy jingle that precedes announcements on the metro; the reverberation of organ or choir in a large cathedral

Tastes: profiteroles; pain au chocolat aux amandes; pungent cheeses; espresso; crepes – the list is infinite!

Touch/feelings: Warm evening air by the Seine; the charming “bisous” with which the French greet one another; sunny days at Luxembourg garden



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