Halloween Costume Ideas for Clarinetists

Updated September 7, 2021

Why not celebrate Halloween like the clari-nerd you are? Here are some delightfully dorky costume ideas for my fellow Halloween-loving clarinetists:

  • A clarinet. Obvious, yet effective.
  • Box of reeds. Grab some cardboard and recreate your favorite reed boxes!
  • A reed. Bonus points for chipping/warping/mold/other personal touches.
  • Edward Reedhands. Channel your inner Johnny Depp, but with reeds instead of knives.
  • Jack the (Reed) Ripper. Serial killer + copiously placed reeds to confuse all your non-musician friends.
  • Benny Goodman. Slicked back hair, glasses, suit and tie, and some swing solos are all you need.
  • Mozart Concerto (or your other favorite piece of music). Feel free to use speakers to blast the music all day.
  • Marching band kid. Maybe it’s a costume, maybe it’s your life – just don’t forget to use your plastic clarinet!
  • Squidward. Arguably the most famous clarinetist out there.

Finally, if you’re too busy practicing this Halloween to bother with a costume, there’s always this clip-on clarinet mustache to feel a bit more festive while practicing.

Leave a comment with your favorite clarinet-inspired Halloween costumes, and make sure to share your nerdiest musician moments with me this Halloween!

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