Graduation Gift Ideas for the Clarinetist in Your Life

DIY reed plant

Congratulations! A special clarinetist in your life is graduating high school, college, or beyond, and you would like to celebrate all their accomplishments and hard work! Here are some graduation presents any clarinetist would be happy to receive:

  • Clarinet care package. Get creative and put together a care package. You can include anything you think they’ll like, such as a cute practice journal, comfy practice socks, travel toothbrush (oral hygiene is important for clarinetists!), lip balm, small toiletry/makeup bag to corral accessories, water bottle, and whatever else you find.
  • A quality music stand. Confession time: I used a portable metal music stand for way too long, and one of the best things I did for myself was to get a proper music stand. Feel free to include add-ons, such as a clip-on tray for accessories, pencil holder, stand light, or water bottle holder.
  • New music. It’s best to ask them which pieces they are missing in their personal music collection, but you can’t go wrong with quality editions of Mozart, Brahms, Debussy, Weber, or other standard repertoire. (If they recently got an A clarinet, you can buy the “A clarinet starter pack” of pieces – Mozart, Schumann, and other masterworks for A clarinet.)
  • Orchestral excerpts binder. Print standard orchestral excerpts and organize them in a binder or notebook to create a one-stop orchestral audition prep. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can add your own notes, advice, practice tips, and suggestions for each piece, along with favorite recordings to consult.
  • Clarinet books. Give the gift of clarinet knowledge with clarinet-related reads. Here’s my list of books every clarinetist should read.
  • Subscriptions to their favorite resources. Sign them up for memberships or subscriptions to the International Clarinet Association, Naxos Music Online, Apple Music, Spotify, or any other services that would be useful to their musical development.
  • Clarinet essentials. Boring but necessary items for clarinetists – reeds, cork grease, clarinet pegs, tuner, metronome, swabs, polishing cloths, clarinet case/case cover, and any other daily necessities.
  • Reed plant. Dress up the gift of reeds by “planting” them into a pot to turn the otherwise mundane gift into something a bit more special.
  • Participation costs at an audition, festival, or conference. Help cut costs at upcoming professional development activities by offering to pay their registration, hotel, transportation, or other incidental costs.
  • Cash or gift cards. Musician or non-musician, you can’t beat cold hard cash.

I’d love to know your graduation gift ideas to the clarinetist or musician in your life, so comment below with your suggestions.

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