10 Lists to Get You Organized and Inspired for the New Decade

Happy New Year! There has always been something magical about the feeling of new years and new beginnings – a chance for newly invigorated ideas and goals.

It should come as no surprise to longtime readers of Jenny Clarinet that I’m a huge fan of lists, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite lists to get you motivated to make this decade your best yet! For each list, make sure you are thorough and detailed to reap the maximum benefits. (Note: the primary focus of each list is the last ten years, but feel free to expand to any timeline you want.)

So, grab a pen and paper (or your preferred list-making technology of choice) and get ready to reminisce, review, and refocus to your bright future.


  • 10 pieces you’ve performed
  • 10 ways you’ve improved
  • what pieces and techniques you were working on 10 years ago
  • 10 of your favourite musical memories
  • 10 musicians who inspired you this decade
  • 10 new friends you’ve made
  • 10 things you did to achieve your goals

Future Focus

  • 10 goals you hope to achieve
  • 10 specific steps you can take to achieve each goal
  • 10 people you want to meet
  • 10 pieces you want to learn
  • 10 ways to become a better musician each and every day
  • 10 changes you can make to practice more effectively
  • 10 tangential skills you want to build to enhance your career

These lists are only suggestions to get you inspired for the new decade. Feel free to personalize your lists – get creative, get organized, and get ready to make this your most musical decade yet!

Happy New Year!

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