Positive affirmations for clarinetists

Sunset over the Baltic Sea en route to Latvia, 2017

I’ve had this blog idea for a while, and while I originally meant it to be light-hearted and humourous, there is a great deal of truth in these affirmations. So, I hope these short affirmations help you continue along your clarinet journey.

||: Repeat as often as necessary : ||

  • I am more than my reed.
  • Squeaks do not define me.
  • My musical worth is not tied to what chair I am.
  • There is no shame in slow (practicing).
  • I am the composer of my musical journey.
  • I create my own musical voice – not my equipment.
  • I can’t control the outcome, but I can control my resilience and determination.
  • I can touch others with my music.
  • I can make a change with music.
  • Musical mistakes mean progress.
  • I bring a unique voice to the clarinet community.
  • There is no universal path towards success.
  • The clarinet allows me to express myself when words fail.

I hope these make you smile and feel inspired!

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