Quick Fix Friday

Quick Fix Friday: Set Your Embouchure Before Playing

Happy (almost) weekend!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Quick Fix Friday, and I thought I’d refresh this series with a small change that can make a big difference in your clarinet playing!

Today’s quick fix deals with embouchure and helps you create a more even sound.

If you suffer from popped, delayed, or otherwise imperfect attacks when you play a note, be sure your embouchure is set before playing. If you are trying to play while still putting your embouchure in place (firming the corners, flattening the chin, or any other movements), this can lead to inconsistent attacks.

Before playing a note, set your embouchure as you inhale (either through the corners of your mouth or through the clarinet itself). Once everything is in place, exhale and congratulate yourself on your more polished attack!

This might take some practice to incorporate this habit, so try to remind yourself when you’re playing long tones or other warm-up exercises each day.

Happy practicing!

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