Quick Fix Friday

Quick Fix Friday: No squishy lower lip

Happy Friday!

Do you ever feel like your tone is lackluster, unfocused, or just a bit blah?

If so, your lower lip could be the culprit.

Away from the clarinet, hold your mouth in a relaxed position, as if you were sleeping. Now gently touch your lower lip. It should feel squishy. This is fine most of the time, but not when playing clarinet.

If your lower lip is squishy like this when playing clarinet, it can absorb some of the vibrations and create a duller sound.

The quick fix? Make sure your lower lip is firm (but not tense!) by imitating a grimace. This will create a smoother sound, and you might also notice an improvement in response. This will also provide more embouchure stability.

Each embouchure will be slightly different since no two faces are alike, so experiment with different lower lip positions and placements once you’ve achieved your desired firmness.

Have a great weekend, and happy practicing!

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