Clarinetists’ New Year Refresh

New Year, new you! (at least that’s what every post this time of year seems to say!)

I love a good refresh, and New Year’s Day is always a great time to revisit your goals and start exploring new ideas.

Here are a few quick tips and updates you can make so you can set yourself up for success in 2023:

  • Replace your swab. When was the last time you washed or replaced your swab? Chances are, probably too long ago to remember! Start the new year off with a fresh new swab (preferably one without any exposed metal weight, which can scratch the interior bore of the clarinet).
  • Replace your mouthpiece patch. If you use a mp patch, it’s probably time to replace this too.
  • Replenish any accessories you need. If you’re running low on reeds, humidity packs, cork grease, swabs, mouthpiece patches, pad paper, or any other accessories you use, now’s a great time to stock up. It’s always better to have extra than to run out!
  • Go through your reed case. If some reeds are past their prime, it’s time to remove them from your rotation.
  • Clear out your music stand/folder. Time to replace your Christmas gig music with music for upcoming concerts and performances.
  • Organize your case and practice space. Take a moment to go through every item in your clarinet case and remove anything that you no longer need. A cluttered case (or practice space) leads to a cluttered mind, making it more difficult to maximize your practice sessions.

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Happy New Year, and happy practicing!

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