Quick Fix Friday

Quick Fix Friday: Steady Air = Steady Sound

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share a quick tip to help you improve your sound.

We all know that air is all-important (that’s why it’s called a “wind” instrument), and the connection between air and sound is closely related.

The quick tip?

If you’re looking to improve your sound, focus on the air you’re using. A steady sound is a reflection of steady air. If your tone is wobbly, your air is probably wobbly. If there are spikes in your sound, there are spikes in your air flow.

Take a moment to analyze your sound. Be detailed in what you’d like to improve – smoother sound (smoother air); louder sound (more/faster air); etc

Note: In my opinion, air is one of the biggest contributors to a good sound, but don’t neglect other fundamentals which can influence your sound, such as embouchure, posture, and many other factors. Air is always a good starting point, but be sure to explore other details which might help you create a better sound.

Happy weekend, and happy practicing!

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