Quick Fix Friday

Quick Fix Friday: Lean into lower notes

Happy Friday!

Have you ever seen a passage like the one below with large intervallic leaps?

Mozart Clarinet Quintet, K. 581 – Movement IV, Variation 1

Passages like this can be difficult both technically and on a musical level. The tendency is for the higher notes to pop out, and there is often an imbalance in dynamics.

The quick fix? Lean into the lower notes!

When you have large intervallic leaps, many clarinetists focus on the higher notes. This makes sense, since they’re more likely to pop or squeak. Instead of focusing on the higher notes, lean into the lower notes. These should serve as a musical springboard to catapult you to the higher notes. This will also help equalize and balance the dynamics. Since higher notes are typically louder and carry more easily, leaning into the lower notes will help EQ your dynamics and also make it easier to play these passages.

I hope this tip helps you the next time you have lots of leaps in your music!

Happy practicing!

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