Quick Fix Friday

Quick Fix Friday: Move like molasses

Happy Friday!

Title catch your attention? Hear me out! (Maybe I’m inspired by all the holiday baking 🥣)

Oftentimes in technical passages, we tend to rush through the phrase. As a result, the notes become jumbled and indecipherable. I have a mental trick I use that helps me make sure each note is clear and enunciated.

The quick fix? Move like molasses!

Have you ever had those nightmares where you’re moving in slow motion, almost like you’re running through molasses?

That’s the feeling we want to recreate on difficult technical passages. This mental trick encourages you to make sure each note is played clearly and precisely before moving on to the next. (Note: You don’t actually have to move as slow as molasses to get this feeling, although slow practice is never a bad idea!)

So, the next tricky technical passage you encounter, try to imagine you’re moving like molasses.

Happy practicing!

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