What to Pack for Your Audition

Congratulations!  You’ve passed the recording round for a competition, made it past a preliminary round, got accepted to an honor band (or All State Band), got your audition time for your college audition, or sent in your application for the latest orchestra audition.  You know the obvious next steps – and if you don’t, take a look at my audition checklist.  As you pack and prepare for your audition, carefully read any correspondence for any specific instructions or directions.  Whether you are competing in a solo, orchestral, chamber, or any other kind of competition, don’t forget to bring these items with you:

  • A bottle of water – The last thing you need to worry about is locating and paying for (horrendously overpriced) bottled water right before your audition
  • Judges’ copies – Make sure that you have copies of the music you will be performing for the correct number of judges
  • Extra reeds, cork grease, cigarette paper, swabs, etc. – Searching an unfamiliar city or location for a music store is added stress before an audition
  • Comfortable heels or dress shoes – You should be focused on the music – not the painful blisters on your feet!
  • Blister cushions (if you decided to ignore the above) for comfort
  • Throat lozenges, herbal tea, Ibuprofen, etc. – If you are prone to sickness or headaches before auditions, don’t forget to pack medicine or remedies.
  • Extra cash and change for parking meters, vending machines, tips, and other miscellaneous items
  • A good book, magazine, or iTunes playlist – This will distract and calm you before or after an audition
  • Business cards, résumé, biography, headshot – You never know who you will meet or who will be judging you at these auditions.
  • Make sure you repair your instrument with a trusted technician/repairman before your travels.

Now that you are properly packed for your audition, go in there confidently and prepared.  Good luck!


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