7 Deadly Clarinet Sins


Gluttony: Thou shalt not partake in too much of one composer, instead exploring the vast landscape which clarinet repertoire has to offer.

Pride: If thou believes that he or she is without fault, let them be reminded of the Nielsen, Francaix, Tomasi, and Corigliano concerti. Let them also be reminded that even the greatest clarinetist can be humbled by a bad reed.  Pride (and a bad reed) goeth before a fall.

Greed: Thou shalt not hoard and covet thy equipment and accessories. Only purchase what is necessary and refrain from debates on online clarinet forums.

Lust: Thou shalt not lust after the success, equipment, career, or performances of another clarinetist.

Envy: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s sound, technique, or musical fortune and instead focus on perfecting their own art.

Wrath: Thou shalt not experience uncontrolled feelings of rage, even in the midst of bad reed days, unnecessarily difficult technical passages, or rehearsals that runneth over.

Sloth: Thou shalt not become lazy and stagnant, and instead must practice daily to reap musical rewards.

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