Clarinet Holidays We Should Start Celebrating

Every day is a holiday when you play clarinet, but here are a few more clarinet-themed holidays we should start celebrating:

  • International Clarinet Day – August 13 (Johann Denner’s birthday)
  • Mozart Clarinet Concerto Day – June 22 (6/22 = K. 622)
  • Brahms Clarinet Sonatas Day – January 20 (1/20 = Op. 120)
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Day – June 24 (Midsummer in many countries)
  • International Day of Baermann – October 24 (I even wrote about why we should celebrate Baermann’s birthday!)
  • Squidward Day – May 1 (the debut date of Spongebob Squarepants, featuring one of our favourite clarinetists – Squidward Tentacles!)

What other clarinet holidays do you think we should we celebrate? Leave a comment below!


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