19 More Things You Didn’t Know About Jenny Clarinet

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It’s been over 4 years since I began Jenny Clarinet, and I’m so happy and humbled by our little clarinet community we’ve created. I’ve gotten many more followers recently, so I thought I’d take a break from clarinet pedagogy and share a few facts about myself so you can get to know me better! (I did this a few years ago, and you can read that here.)

I always enjoy getting to know my fellow clarinetists, so be sure to leave a comment or contact me to introduce yourself!

  1. I speak English and French, and I’m trying to learn German. I would also like to learn Icelandic and Faroese one day, which brings me to…
  2. My obsession with the Faroe Islands – I’d love to visit one day. (I’m sure all my friends are sick and tired of me talking about the Faroe Islands by now!)
  3. My favorite coffee drink is a cortado, but I usually just drink espresso at home.
  4. My favorite tea is Earl Grey, but I love all highly-caffeinated teas. What can I say? I’m a highly caffeinated person!
  5. My lucky number is 125.
  6. I never set my alarms to even or round numbers. For example, instead of setting an alarm for 7:00, I’ll set one for 7:03 or 7:09.
  7. My secret talent is solving Wheel of Fortune puzzles with very few letters.
  8. I always stop to pet stray cats. Always. No exceptions.
  9. I wear sunscreen every single day, and I love doing sheet masks when I have the time.
  10. There is a scar on my ankle from a reed knife. I dropped a reed, and when I leaned down to pick it up, I cut myself. My reeds were great for a while after that, so I still joke that I made a blood sacrifice to the reed gods.
  11. Here are a few items I’d like to cross off my bucket list: take a trapeze class and meet Stephen King (although probably not at the same time)
  12. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough.
  13. My favorite scent is lavender.
  14. I’m learning how to play the theremin.
  15. When I discover something I’m interested in, I become mildly obsessed. Recent obsessions have included theremin, the Faroe Islands, and conspiracy theories.
  16. I’ve traveled to 30 countries, and I’d love to visit every single country in the world one day.
  17. I’ve been to cat cafés in 9 different countries, and even a dog café in Canada.
  18. My favorite places I’ve visited are Estonia, Malta, and the English countryside. (I’m not including France on this list, because it’s obviously my favorite!)
  19. A few places I’d love to visit (although these change fairly often): Easter Islands, Svalbard, Turkmenistan, Greenland, Russia, and the Dalmatian Coast.

So there you have it! Leave a comment below with a random fact about yourself!


  • Larry

    “Entertaining” web site. In reference to No. 2, you probably already are aware of the Nielsen overture “An Imaginary Trip to the Faroe Islands” – perhaps not his greatest piece but it ends with a solitary sustained note (with interminable diminuendo) in the first clarinet. So, while you may not (or maybe?) get there any time soon, you can use Nielsen to take you on the voyage there and back!

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