Museums clarinetists can virtually visit

Musical Instruments Museum at the Accademia Gallery in Firenze (visit from 2017)

Even though your summer travel plans probably look a bit different this year, there are several music museums you can visit virtually this year! Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Le Musée des instruments à vent de La Couture-Boussey. The Woodwind Museum is located in La Couture-Boussey, which many consider to be the “home of wind instruments.” This museum began in 1888 by woodwind instrument makers, and it includes over 300 instruments, machines, and tools.
  • Musée de la Musique. The Paris Music Museum includes over 1,000 items for you to explore. (Fun fact: I was lucky enough to take a course in organology at this museum during my master’s degree, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time exploring the exhibits in person.)
  • National Music Museum. America’s National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota was on my list of places to visit this past semester, but I’m happy that we can still explore the museum online!
  • Il Museo della Musica. This Venetian Music Museum includes several string instruments. There are a few clarinets in their collection, which you can read about online.
  • Musical Instrument Museum. The MIM’s YouTube channel has several in-depth videos for you to virtually explore their exhibits.
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. The Vienna Art History Museum includes an impressive Collection of Historic Musical Instruments, many of which you can learn about on their website.

There are several other museums which include clarinets in their collection, so if you’re looking for a virtual museum-hopping experience, I encourage you to do some internet sleuthing!

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