Clarinet method and étude books written by women

This article was inspired by Dr. Victor Chavez, clarinet professor at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, who is having a Women Composers Festival for his studio this semester.

Here is a list of clarinet method and étude books written by women (listed alphabetically by last name). I hope this will be a valuable resource for anyone who is trying to curate a more diverse repertoire collection. This is not meant to be comprehensive, so please let me know of any books I have omitted and I will add this to the list.

Note: The following list is just clarinet method and étude books. If you’re looking for solo repertoire, check out my list of solo clarinet compositions written by female composers here. If you want to learn more about female clarinetists, you can read my post on historical female clarinetists, 100 famous female clarinetists, and 100 more famous female clarinetists.

  • Sonja Anglberger – Klarissimo
  • Kelly Burke – Clarinet Warm-Ups
  • Kristen Denny-Chambers – Prep Steps Before You Kroepsch
  • Paula Corley – So You Want to Play the Clarinet Method Book; The Break: Mastering the Middle Register of the Clarinet; Daily Workouts
  • Patricia George & Phyllis Avidan Louke – Advanced Clarinet Studies and the Art of Chunking
  • Michele Gingras – Clarinet Secrets; More Clarinet Secrets
  • Sylvie Hue – l’Apprenti Clarinettiste
  • Helen Madden – 20 Crucial Clarinet Studies
  • Jeanine Rueff – 15 Etudes
  • Eva Wasserman-Margolis – Thinking Tone; Time for Tone
  • Sarah Watts – Spectral immersions : a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of bass clarinet multiphonics


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