31 Clarinet Compositions Written by Female Composers

In celebration of Women’s History Month, I’ve created a list of 31 pieces for clarinet written by female composers, one for every day this month. By no means is this list comprehensive, but I hope this serves as nice introduction to the wide variety of wonderful music for clarinet by women composers.

I have arranged this list alphabetically by composer’s last name. Please note that many of these composers have written several works featuring the clarinet.

  1. Unsuk Chin Concerto
  2. Yi Chen Chinese Ancient Dances
  3. Yvonne Desportes Trois petits contes
  4. Marie Félicie Clémence de Grandval Deux Pièces
  5. Sarah Feigin Fantasy for clarinet and piano
  6. Keiko Fujiie 3 Pieces, Op. 5
  7. Ida Gotkovsky Sonata for solo clarinet
  8. Mary Ann Griebling Wild Wood-Quiet Wood
  9. Augusta Holmes Fantasie
  10. Katherine Hoover Concerto
  11. Betsy Jolas Episode No.9 “Forte magnum colaraturum”
  12. Barbara Kolb Related Characters
  13. Caroline Schleicher Kraemer Sonatina
  14. Libby Larsen Dancing Solo
  15. Elizabeth Maconchy Clarinet Quintet
  16. Theresa Martin Gryphon
  17. Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar Trzy miniatury (Three Miniatures)
  18. Thea Musgrave Concerto
  19. Shulamit Ran For an Actor
  20. Marga Richter Sonata
  21. Jeanine Rueff Concertino
  22. Marjorie Maxine Rusche Mood Etudes for two clarinets
  23. Ruth Schönthal Sonata Concertante
  24. Jeanne E. Shaffer Three Faces of Women
  25. Alice Mary Smith Sonata in A
  26. Margaret Sutherland Sonata 
  27. Germaine Tailleferre Arabesque
  28. Joan Tower Wings
  29. Norma Wendelburg Concerto
  30. Marilyn J. Ziffrin Concerto
  31. Ellen Taaffe Zwilich Concerto 

What are your favorite clarinet works written by female composers? Leave a comment below!


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