What clarinet music should you practice next based on your birthday?

Are you looking for new musical inspiration? Perhaps you have the end-of-year blahs and just need some new repertoire suggestions?

I’m here to help!

Find your birthday below for a warm-up book and repertoire suggestion!

Note: As much as I enjoy Kroepsch, Kell, Rose, Mozart, Brahms, Weber, and other clarinet classics, I tried to include a wide variety of pieces to help you discover new music.

What’s your birth month?

Choose your birth month for a new book to add to your warm-up routine!

  • January Preliminary Exercises & Etudes in Contemporary Techniques by Ronald Caravan
  • February 26 Cadenzas in the Form of Preludes (Vingt-Six Cadences en forme de préludes) by Agostino Gabucci
  • March Style Workout for Solo Clarinet by James Rae
  • April – 15 Études by Jeanine Rueff
  • May Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns by Yusef Lateef
  • June Finger Fitness Études for Clarinet and Auxiliary Clarinets by Kristen Denny-Chambers
  • July 11 Études sur des modes karnatiques by Eugène Bozza
  • August Recreation Studies for Clarinet by Jerome Naulais
  • September 331 Daily Exercises by Auguste Périer
  • October Finger Food – Etudes for Clarinet by Eric P. Mandat
  • November 28 Etudes for Clarinet on the Modes of Olivier Messiaen by Guy Lacour
  • December Advanced Studies for the Clarinet by Victor Polatschek

What’s your birth day?

Choose your birth day for a new piece of repertoire to practice!

  1. Cinco Bocetos by Roberto Sierra
  2. The Adventures of Pinocchio by Alberto Guidobaldi
  3. Elegies by Peter Schickele
  4. 3 Pieces, Op. 5 by Keiko Fujiie
  5. Sonata by Margaret Sutherland
  6. Fantasiestucke, Op. 43 by Niels Gade
  7. Sonatina by Thomas Wilson
  8. Deux Pièces by Marie Grandval
  9. Dear Diary by Gary Schocker
  10. Cape Cod Files by Paquito D’Rivera
  11. Sonata by Theodore Gouvy
  12. Sonatine by Valerie Coleman
  13. Daley’s Arc by William P. Daley
  14. Concerto by Jacques Hétu
  15. Sea Pieces by Richard Faith
  16. Sonatine by Clyde Duncan
  17. Concerto by Karol Kurpinski
  18. Introduction & Variations, Op. 128 by Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda                
  19. Dancing Dinosaurs by Colin Cowles
  20. From Galloway by James MacMillan
  21. Related Characters by Barbara Kolb
  22. Paroles Suite by Dia Succari
  23. Three Faces of Women by Jeanne E. Shaffer 
  24. Chinese Ancient Dances by Yi Chen
  25. Gryphon by Theresa Martin
  26. Mediterranean Preludes by Ivo Petric
  27. Crack Hammer by Esther Lamneck
  28. Jewish Suite by Michele Magnani
  29. Fantasie by Augusta Holmes
  30. Introduction & Variations on Theme of Schubert by Ferdinand David
  31. Wild Wood-Quiet Wood by Mary Ann Griebling

I hope this is a fun way to discover new music!

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