13 Italian Music Vocabulary Words Perfect for Halloween

Whether you’re composing or just want to learn some new words to add to your music lexicon, here are a few Italian words which are perfect for Halloween (all taken from the music dictionary pictured above):

  1. con abbandono – with reckless abandon; highly emotional (no, it doesn’t mean abandoned, as in a haunted house)
  2. adiratamente – angrily
  3. amarissimo/angoscioso – with anguish
  4. bizarramente – in a bizarre manner
  5. con disperazione – with despair
  6. doloroso – with great pain
  7. gemendo – groaning
  8. morendo – dying away
  9. singhiozzando – sobbing
  10. sordamente – using a veiled or muffled sound
  11. sospirando – sighing; sobbing
  12. tumultuoso – in an agitated manner; tumultuous
  13. vacillante – wavering or hesistant

What other Italian music vocabulary words are great for Halloween? Leave a comment below!


  • Chris

    Some Italian musical terms for Halloween.
    grave: solemn
    misterioso: mysterious
    affrettando: becoming hurried
    tremolo: tremulous effect by rapid repetition of a single tone or rapid alternation of two tones.
    tristamente: play with a mood of sadness.
    perdendosi: effect of music fading away.

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